Hypnosis for Blushing

Blushing can have a medical cause but it is more likely to be caused by the mind due to an earlier embarrassing event that has been suppressed by the subconscious.

Blushing occurs mostly on the face and neck which suggests it is a symptom.  It is caused by blood vessels expanding in order to get rid of the heat brought on by an emotive response to an experience.

After you have experienced your first episode of blushing the tendency to blush on subsequent occasions is increased.

Blushing can lead to being self conscious and limit your social activity and have an effect on your career.

The symptoms of blushing are trembling, sweating, shyness and feeling angry.  In extreme cases it can bring on panic attacks.

The good news is that blushing responds well to hypnotherapy.  We find the cause and replace it with something else such as confidence in what were previously embarrassing situations.


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