Stop Smoking-No Butts

You have tried to Stop Smoking many times. You’ve made promises to yourself, “I’ll stop when I’m 30, 40, 50”

“when I return from holiday or in the new year” and so it goes on. I used to make those promises when I smoked.

You’ve tried all the smoking aids on the market and still you smoke, I did all that.

I eventually stopped through Hypnotherapy. I was so impressed that I attended the Hypnotherapist’s workshop to learn his methods and that is the basis of our programme. We have tweaked here and there over the past 25 years to update and improve it.

Let’s say you smoke 20 a day. How many of those are in response to a craving? Perhaps the one first thing in the morning, with a cup of tea or coffee, after a meal, when you’ve finished work, relaxing at home, having a drink.

Probably, of those 20 no more than eight were due to cravings and the remainder were just habit. Our programme deals with the addiction and the habit.

Do you remember the first time you inhaled tobacco smoke? You coughed, felt dizzy and nauseous but you persisted until you were hooked, we all did.

Instead of that cigarette suppose you ate something that tasted disgusting, would you try it again?

Nicotine is one of the most chemicals in nature, that is why it takes such a hold even though we know it is potentially lethal. There are more 4000 chemicals in every cigarette and they include ammonia, carbon monoxide, tar, acetone (that’s paint stripper), cyanide, arsenic and DDT an insecticide which is so toxic that the EU and many countries have banned it.

Our programme of two sessions comes with a 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE.

All smokers stop eventually. Either they stop smoking or smoking stops them.

Your choice


Time to bash the ash.

stop smoking with hypnotherapy

It is about this time of the year that New Year resolutions fall by the wayside and the most common one is to STOP SMOKING.

The smoker is full of good intentions, well motivated and the will power is strong, however, many smokers have said that although they are very strong willed and when they set their mind to something they succeed…………..except when it comes to stopping smoking.

Good intentions, motivation and will power are all part of the intelligent, analytical conscious mind which only occupies about 10% of the brain. It was the “intelligent mind” that decided to have that very first cigarette, there wasn’t any craving.

Very soon smoking registers as a “programme” and becomes embedded in the subconscious mind which is the other 90% of the brain.

This part of the brain is very powerful, it carries out hundreds of functions for us, it digests our food , repairs our body, keeps our heart beating and so on and it moves towards pleasure and away from pain. The subconscious believes that if the smoker stops they will be depriving themselves from something they enjoy so it urges them to continue to smoke, it is not aware that smoking is potentially lethal and that 50% 0f smokers are eventually killed by their addiction.

The intelligent mind is overpowered by the subconscious and so the motivation and the will power are submerged. Many smoker say that it’s like having one voice on their shoulder saying “quit” but a much louder voice on the other shoulder saying “smoke.”

In hypnosis the way a person thinks about smoking and also the habit of smoking can be changed so that the conscious inteligent mind and the subconscious mind  have a common purpose which is for the person to be a permanent non smoker.


A panic attack – It Feels Like A heart Attack

Remove your fears and phobias using hypnotherapy

Have you been sitting at home, quietly reading or watching TV, or been dining out with friends or family, or been laughing and joking with friends in a pub or club when WHAM! your heart starts beating so fast it feels as if it will burst out of your chest, your breathing is rapid and shallow, you feel hot and clammy and everything seems unreal?

These are the typical symptoms of a panic attack. They can be so severe that the victim really believes they are having a heart attack and are taken to hospital.

Hypnotherapy can remove the symptoms by finding the cause through regression. Frequently the attack has its origin in an unresolved childhood experience. When the emotion has been neutralised from the cause the attacks stop.


How to stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Alan was desperate to stop smoking. He was approaching 40 and he said that he was not as fit as he used to be.

His wife was expecting their first child and that was another powerful reason to stop.

Alan had tried just about all the quit smoking products on the market but none had been successful and he had an allergic reaction to patches.

He was sceptical about trying to stop smoking with hypnotherapy but a friend who did stop smoking  with hypnotherapy at Pilgrim Hypnotherapy persuaded him to at least try it and said  he would also get a 12 months guarantee.

Alan had two sessions and was amazed how effective the therapy was.

He said that apart from the important health issues he was saving about £3,600 a year and feeling fitter and healthier.

Helping “Adam” to make his best man speech. Hypnotherapy to cure a fear of public speaking.

Adam said that he had been offered a 4 days all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas and all he had to do was make a 5 minutes Best Man speech at his best friend’s wedding.

He said “I can’t do it, my mouth goes dry, my heart thumps and my mind goes blank”

Best Man speech anxiety is known as a social phobia, the fear of performing in front of others and it’s very common.

Phobias respond well to hypnotherapy and Adam found that his Best Man speech anxiety was no exception.

A few relaxing sessions removed the anxiety.

Adam enjoyed the trip and enjoyed making the speech!


Every budget day one thing is certain and that is the tax on cigarettes will increase and even more of your money will go up in smoke.
For the average smoker the new increase is about £135 a year.
What do you,the smoker, get for this increase?
There is the prospect of angina,stroke or coronary thrombosis and that’s without taking in to account cigarettes’ favourite nasty,cancer.
Does that sound like much of a deal?
There couldn’t be a better time to stop.
Pilgrim Hypnotherapy give a 12 months guarantee with their “Stop Smoking” programme.
So what are you waiting for? You know you want to stop,make that appointment now.
You know it makes sense.

Merry Christmas from the Pilgrim

Young Jean was very keen to kick her addiction to nicotine.

Clever Sam was a brilliant man but shook like a jelly when he took an exam,

And although he tried his very best,
Five times he had failed the driving test.

Frightened Pat almost had a heart attack every time she saw a rat, (it was a mouse actually.)

Little Heidi,neat and tidy,freaked when she saw a hairy spidey.

Whistful Di, gazed into the sky, hoping one day she would fly.

Poor Fred,recently wed,but every night still wet the bed.

Sad Tess,in a mess,she had a case of chronic stress.

But her friend,Bess, in a bigger mess,she had severe IBS

And Leroy from St. Kits,he said “I’ve got………” well never mind.

Finally Rex, very vexed, he said “I’ve got this awkward problem with sex”

So my friends be assured,
All these people have now been cured,
I will always do what I can,
‘Cos I’m Bri,your friendly Hypno man.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all…


You come home from an exhausting day at work and all you want to do is relax,
so you sink down into your favourite chair and inhale nicotine, tar, ammonia, DDT, carbon monoxide, butane, napthalane, arsenic, cyanide and a host of other poisonous nasties.

These are just a few of the chemicals in cigarettes.

Do you really think that these chemicals can help you to relax?

The fact is nicotine is a stimulant and not a relaxant, within a few seconds of lighting up your heart rate and blood pressure shoot up, that’s a medical fact, that is putting the body under pressure and stress,not relaxing it.

If you really want to look after your health and stop smoking and no butts, I can help and I give a 12 months guarantee.

Holiday Season is approaching – dont be afraid to fly

The main holiday season is rapidly approaching and many families will be jetting off to the sun.

But what about those families who are obliged to stay at home because one member has a fear of flying and dissolves into jelly at the mere thought of sitting in a plane never mind about getting airborne?

There is a simple remedy and it doesn’t involve pills, injections or alcohol. The answer is hypnosis, a few painless sessions and the fear is removed, some of my clients said it is like magic.

Hundreds of my former clients who had the phobia now fly to those far away places. If you have this fear and you want to be free of it,just give me a call.

For a free consultation call 01277 374 221 or complete the online enquiry form.

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