Hypnosis to pass your Driving Test

Many people fail their driving test not because they are poor drivers but because of nervous anxiety.

In order for you to pass your driving test, you need to be calm and relaxed but with an alertness. What goes on in your mind will have a bearing on whether you pass or fail.

Do you see the examiner as someone who is there to criticise and find fault? Do you see yourself failing your driving test because if you do, you surely will.

The anxiety and negative thoughts are in your subconscious mind but with hypnosis we can speak to that part of your mind and reprogramme it to expect success and then you can drive with the confidence you have when driving with your instructor.

When the images in your mind change from failure to success, they act as a blueprint or plan for your subconscious to work towards and you can look forward to the examiner saying ‘ congratulations you have passed your driving test’.

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