Hypnosis For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

There are numerous obsessive compulsive disorders, far too many to mention here, so if yours isn’t mentioned below you can still be helped.

Do you carry out OCD rituals such as constantly washing your hands, checking numberous times that you’ve switched off lights, turned off gas, electricity and taps and locked your front door when leaving the house?

Do you retrace your journey when driving to check if you’ve knocked anyone down?

These are some of the rituals performed by the OCD victim.

It is an anxiety disorder and if the OCD rutual is not performed the anxiety levels increase much to the distress of the sufferer.

Most OCD sufferers are aware that their behaviour is irrational but feel powerless to control it.

OCD can have an effect on relationships, careers and social activities. OCDs are symptoms and all symptoms have a cause.  In hypnosis you are guided to find the root cause of the OCD, the emotion can then be removed which in turn frees you from the OCD.

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