Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

There are many phobias and fear of flying is very common.

Does your fear of flying (aerophobia) stop you from taking a sunny holiday abroad? If you do manage to fly, perhaps by taking a pill, but still dreading every moment, do you spend most of the holiday or business trip worrying yourself silly about the flight home? Not much fun, is it?

Frequently, one exposure to a stimulus such a experiencing turbulence or seeing a passenger panicking is sufficient to bring on a fear of flying which then becomes embedded in the subconscious and is labelled as a flying phobia.

The typical symptoms experienced when you have a phobia are a thumping heart, rapid breathing yet feeling short of oxygen, churning stomach, nausea, jelly legs, light headedness, sweating and an urge to get away from your present environment, although you won’t necessarily experience all of those symptoms.

One lady told me that her fear of flying was so bad that she tried to get out of the pane when it at 35,000 feet and had to be physically restrained much to the embarrassment of herself and her family.

It doesn’t have to be like this, no matter how bad your fear of flying, it can be removed and you can treat the flight as part of your holiday or trip.

“I promised I would let you know how I progressed after my serious fear of flying…. We flew to Scotland …. I will do it again ….. Thank you so much for your help…….. Angela, Billericay”

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