Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Does the thought of public speaking such as giving a best man’s speech at a wedding, giving a presentation at work or a formal talk fill you with terror to the extent that you would do almost anything to avoid it?

Does just reading this and thinking about it begin to give you a sinking feeling?

One client told me that she was seriously considering falling down stairs hoping she would break an arm or leg to avoid making a presentation to colleagues.  Is your dread as severe?

Fear of public speaking is a common social phobia.  It is a fear of making a mistake, a fear that you’ll ‘dry up’ and feel embarrassed and be laughed at.  In short it’s a fear of criticism.

Fear of public speaking can be a result of a bad experience in childhood such as reading in class and stumbling over the words or forgetting your lines in a school play and the eyes of parents, teachers and pupils are on you.  The fear is caused by being the focus of attention.

Advanced hypnotherapy with hypnoanalysis can allow you to revisit the problem situation in a non threatening way and remove the upsetting emotion from it.  You can then carry out your public speaking with confidence.
‘……… just to say thanks a million….. from having such a fear of public speaking to now having the confidence to feel good is truly amazing.’ …………. Haley, Brentwood

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