Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

Do you recognise these symptoms – thumping heart, rapid breathing (yet feeling that you’re short of oxygen), stomach churning, shaking, nausea, sweating?

These are the symptoms of a panic attack and sometimes they are so severed that the victim thinks they are having a heart attack and are about to die.

The symptoms of a panic attack are the same as a phobia attack but whilst you only have a phobia attack when confronted with the specific stimulus (mice, spiders, needles, flying etc) a panic attack can happen quite randomly such as when you’re sitting at home, socialising or at work.

A panic attack is invariably caused by an incident in childhood which at the time seemed traumatic to a young not fully developed understanding mind.  As a child gets older, the subconscious suppresses the memory in order to avoid further hurt but later in life if a similar incident occurs, the subconscious can scroll all the way back to the original event and trigger a panic attack.

What is confusing and distressing is that there aren’t any pictures (unlike the phobia) accompanying the feelings.

With subsequent experiences, the triggering point will spread and what started out as a reaction to one situation can spread to others.

Advanced hypnotherapy with hypnoanalysis can remove the panic attack permanently thereby improving the quality of your life.

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