Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Some years ago, one of my aunts told me that losing weight was easy, she said she did it every year before she went on holiday!

Unfortunately for her, she was not able to maintain that weight loss and that is what part of my weight loss programme teaches.

Diets are fine for losing a few pounds quickly for a special occasion but if they really worked you would only have to diet once.

The majority of diet addicts use will power for weight loss, they lose a few pounds, then put them back on in the wrong place, lose a few, put them back on – it’s the yoyo effect.  Does that sound like you?

The majority of overweight people eat when they are not hungry, they eat for an emotional reason, they feel unhappy, unloved, bored or lonely but no amount of food will change those feelings, in fact, food can bring on feelings of guilt.

It is not surprising that many people are overweight.  We have been conditioned since birth to regard food as something in addition to being fuel for our body.

Initially we have to double our birth weight, any weight loss is treated with alarm.  If we fall over, mum picks us up, brushes us down and gives us a kiss and a sweet to make us better (well mine did!).  We are rewarded with a treat for good potty training (good boy, let me see what you’ve done, here’s a biscuit).  We celebrate with food for passing exams, having a new boy/girl friend, we can overeat at Easter, Christmas and even at funerals (I’m donating a few squigglies at my funeral so that the mourners can have a ham roll and half a bitter).

Our subconscious receives a very strong message that says ‘if you feed me, I’ll feel fine’. This is why weight loss can seem to be difficult.  My programme of weight loss can help you to:

  • Change your attitude and relationship with food
  • Change your automatic eating pattern
  • Listen and respond to your to body so that when you’ve eaten sufficient, you stop eating
  • Take control of your weight
  • Maintain the weight loss

However, the programme does not take away the pleasure of eating, it can be a wonderful social occasion but wouldn’t it be nice to be totally satisfied with small portion rather than filling our ‘fuel tank’ to overflowing?
‘I can’t believe I hardly pick at anything and can’t eat a whole plate of food.  I don’t think about food at all.  I feel better in myself and not so bloated or full up all the time.  I’ve still not touched a mouthful of fizzy drink either.  Thanks so much. …….. Jane, Romford

‘Just an update to say the weight is still coming off with no diets!  I only eat when I’m hungry and if I fancy something I eat it and don’t feel guilty.  Everyone is still commenting on my weight.  Thanks for everything. …… Gillian, Chigwell

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