Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

I give a 12 months guarantee with my stop smoking programme because I am confident that if you really want to stop smoking, I can help you.

Hypnosis is the most successful way to stop smoking because it reprogrammes your subconscious mind, that’s the part of your mind that urges you to carry on smoking even though you’ve made a conscious decision to stop smoking.

Maybe you think ‘what will I do when I feel stressed and want to relax or when I have a coffee break or after a meal?’. When you light a cigarette your heart rate and blood pressure shoot up. Amongst the chemicals in cigarettes are:

  • Carbon monoxide (the silent killer)
  • Tar (good for road surfaces)
  • Ammonia (cleans work tops and floors)
  • Cyanide (poison)
  • Arsenic (another powerful poison)
  • Acetone (paint stripper)

Do you really think that taking these substances into your blood stream can really relax you?

Perhaps you’ve tried other methods in the past to stop smoking and found they didn’t work and you don’t want to go through the agonies again.

Were they confident enough to offer any guarantee? I give a 12 months guarantee.

Think of the future, think of yourself as a happy, healthy, confident, relaxed non smoker.  Feel good?

If a financial advisor said to you ‘invest £195 in this company and you will have a guaranteed profit well in excess of £2000 every year for the rest of your life’ would you accept? Of course you would, you probably wouldn’t think twice.  That’s what I offer a 20 a day smoker who invests in my stop smoking programme and stops smoking.

Of course money is important but your health is much more important. Do you want to be amongst the 40% of smokers who pay into a pension fund and never see a penny of it because their addiction has killed them before the retire?

You know it’s time to stop smoking and have the security of a 12 months guarantee.
‘Going really well, no cravings at all, not even thinking about smoking, you are a miracle worker’……. Stuart, Brentwood
‘Lost urge to smoke, feel great’…….. Mike, Basildon
‘Really good day, amazed how easy I found it’ ……… Deny, Romford
‘No more smoking for me, I’ve never felt better’…….. Jeff, Basildon
‘………. out of habit I wanted to smoke but resisted, realised it was just a habit’ ….. Michelle, Dagenham
‘Thank you for helping me become a non smoker, feel good and smell good now’ ….. Wendy, Romford
‘It’s as if I’ve never smoked’……. Geoff, Ongar
‘I didn’t realise how easy giving up was’……… Emma, Loughton
‘Many thanks, I am enjoying being a non smoker’ Jannie, Brentwood
‘Didn’t think I’d be able to do this, have really surprised myself’……… Charlene, Chelmsford
‘Another smoke free breakfast!!’ ……… Steve, Chelmsford
‘Doing really well, the urge to smoke is not there’…… Nicola, Harlow
‘I am a non smoker, so very glad I came to see you’…….. Joyce, Brentwood
‘Still finding this easy’ ….. Gavin, Basildon


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