Stop Smoking-No Butts

You have tried to Stop Smoking many times. You’ve made promises to yourself, “I’ll stop when I’m 30, 40, 50”

“when I return from holiday or in the new year” and so it goes on. I used to make those promises when I smoked.

You’ve tried all the smoking aids on the market and still you smoke, I did all that.

I eventually stopped through Hypnotherapy. I was so impressed that I attended the Hypnotherapist’s workshop to learn his methods and that is the basis of our programme. We have tweaked here and there over the past 25 years to update and improve it.

Let’s say you smoke 20 a day. How many of those are in response to a craving? Perhaps the one first thing in the morning, with a cup of tea or coffee, after a meal, when you’ve finished work, relaxing at home, having a drink.

Probably, of those 20 no more than eight were due to cravings and the remainder were just habit. Our programme deals with the addiction and the habit.

Do you remember the first time you inhaled tobacco smoke? You coughed, felt dizzy and nauseous but you persisted until you were hooked, we all did.

Instead of that cigarette suppose you ate something that tasted disgusting, would you try it again?

Nicotine is one of the most chemicals in nature, that is why it takes such a hold even though we know it is potentially lethal. There are more 4000 chemicals in every cigarette and they include ammonia, carbon monoxide, tar, acetone (that’s paint stripper), cyanide, arsenic and DDT an insecticide which is so toxic that the EU and many countries have banned it.

Our programme of two sessions comes with a 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE.

All smokers stop eventually. Either they stop smoking or smoking stops them.

Your choice


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