Merry Christmas from the Pilgrim

Young Jean was very keen to kick her addiction to nicotine.

Clever Sam was a brilliant man but shook like a jelly when he took an exam,

And although he tried his very best,
Five times he had failed the driving test.

Frightened Pat almost had a heart attack every time she saw a rat, (it was a mouse actually.)

Little Heidi,neat and tidy,freaked when she saw a hairy spidey.

Whistful Di, gazed into the sky, hoping one day she would fly.

Poor Fred,recently wed,but every night still wet the bed.

Sad Tess,in a mess,she had a case of chronic stress.

But her friend,Bess, in a bigger mess,she had severe IBS

And Leroy from St. Kits,he said “I’ve got………” well never mind.

Finally Rex, very vexed, he said “I’ve got this awkward problem with sex”

So my friends be assured,
All these people have now been cured,
I will always do what I can,
‘Cos I’m Bri,your friendly Hypno man.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all…

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